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Bishop Nehru – Will You Remember Me? (Official Music Video)

todayMarch 4, 2022 69

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Shot, Edited, Directed & Song Produced by Bishop Nehru

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the heart of Markel the man they wanted to fail, the one that they thought would bail or be sitting in a cell, set his sail on a mission, the vision isn’t derailed, im different i’m showing art and everything that it entails/
i ollied on to the rail, now my grinding is ridiculous, i came a long way from Valley High writing sentences, removed from class daily because i saw the differences, it’s cool cuz i knew i’d be making em all witnesses,/

the doubted turned to the touted, & i won’t forget, cuz i been at it for a minute tryna show the best, without mine, im it, you better show respect, like jeter retired, im higher, so you don’t pose a threat/
knew i was destined since the center after school, moms was working at her job and she knew i would act the fool,
if there was any rule, i wasn’t really fond it,
you told me do it, i would probably do the opposite/
still was on some modest shit, though it was mistaken for cockiness i ain’t let it take any shots at my confidence, i just kept my mind on the commas and used common sense. the one thing i lacked when minds didn’t have tolerance, now cuz my accomplishments they wanna rock with bish like accomplices, & honest I don’t take it as a compliment, I’m too focused on me trying to be dominant, & watch when the tsunami hit, WONT BE NO STOPPING IT/

It’s obvious the kult is expanding they like Oh no,
A star & artist feel like the rap game osho
A starving artist, ready to feast like hobos
I spar with the hardest and snap still like photos/
i don’t got no bros, my virgin mother’s only son,
i walk on water, turn it to wine, and heart is of the sun/
but swear that i evolved to this its funny cuz i’ve just begun
was bringing pocket knifes to school, cuz i knew they ain’t shoot the one,
But that’s done & in the past its progression only,
The shows starting to pack I remember they ain’t know me,
battery in my back, me and my thoughts getting lonely
Been thinking positive but them negatives’ll creep slowly,
so i be lowkey, avoiding everything phony,
he been loud and wowing em with his potency,
it’s never been a joke to me, you feel my soul in the beat, then i put the poetry over and the cypher completes,
i’m tryna be eye to eye with the elites, so i could smack em for all the power and all of the greed,
Divide then conquer is their plan to succeed,
Unify and prosper is the way this man sees,
But I’m knowing that the first step to change is in me, so I been looking inside & analyzing since a teen,
My magics been seen these thoughts switch to reality,
Was late with hitting chicks and now they all chase after me,
Metaphorically ill get the last laugh, I ain’t ever letting anything knock me off of this path,
they open like Moses hit the ocean with his staff,
I Present the gift of gab, imma make em feel the wrath/
Droppin science like peace god, what’s the math?
plotting on the pie with the bars no graphs
Only option is to run it like take a lap
More weight on my back than a fat man’s calfs
So I can’t crash,

© 2022 : Nehruvia LLC

Written by: WRAPfm

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