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Rock with By Areas own the Friendly Traveler as he mixes, blends, cuts, and juggles new hip-hop tracks along with classic hip-hop, funk, soul, and break records. As well as those underground West Coast gems!!

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For over 15 years, Oakland vet the Friendly Traveler held the Bay Area down, including a five year period where he was concurrently holding down live mix shows on two programs : The Drum (The Longest Running Hip-Hop Show in the World) with Kevvy Kev, powerhouse MHz Radio (Hip Hop, Breaks, & Beats) with Raymundo, both on Stanford’s KZSU 90.1FM.

Trained in the art of turntablism but thrust into the party rock environment, the Friendly Traveler quickly learned to blend and balance the technical turntablist wizardry with crowd-engaging performances to deliver a uniquely “DJ Friendly” experience.

Though a self-proclaimed hip-hop head with a preference for hardcore hip-hop, the Friendly Traveler has proven himself to be a complete DJ because of his love and understanding of the many genres and generations of music ranging from 60’s Motown to 70’s psychedelic rock and disco, with a little of everything sprinkled in.

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